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CREDITCHEM’s annual meeting in 2019
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2019-03-15 14:08
As time goes by, the busy and fruitful year of 2018 has passed by, and a new year is right in front of us with full of passions and challenges,CREDITCHEM, like a big family,gathered all its members together and held the annual meeting on January 26th at Guanhao hotel to ring the old year out and the new year in.       During the meeting, first, each department delivered a report on summary for 2018 and prospect for 2019. Then, the chairman delivered an important speech to summarize the development of our company in 2018 comprehensively and objectively,and to present the development policy for 2019,He hoped that all family members would continue working hard and create greater glories.     At the meeting, the awards were given to winners for advanced individual,advanced collective,utstanding employee technical innovation team and performance breakthrough employee, The award winners shared their work experiences and feelings, saying that they will continue to face the difficulties in the coming year and devote themselves to the development of our company.    Later, all family members enjoyed the wonderful programs that were created and performed by various departments, In addition, there was a luck draw session during the annual meeting with rich gifts and cash in red envelopes, which made the scene erupt.   Finally, the annual meeting came to the end successfully in a harmonious, passionate and joyful atmosphere.
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