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Dalian F.T.Z CREDIT Chemical Technology Development Co.,Ltd.
Dalian baoshuiqu Credit Chemical Technology Development Co., Ltd.
         Founded in 2001, Dalian CREDIT is working in research and development and production of electronic chemicals and high purity electronic gases and standard gases.
It’s a high-tech corporation in Dalian, There are excellent employees, 50% of them are middle-grade or high-grade technical professional.
It has good producing circumstance and equipments, such as clean workshop, producing equipments of high purity ammonia, standard gases, high purity gases, organometallics and various fine chemicals, import analysis instruments.
We have perfect system of quality control and we have obtained ISO9001-2000certification of conformity of quality management system.



R & D Center

Credit has a specialized in the research and development of electronic chemicals personnel, research and development of high purity electronic gases, high purity metal organic compound purification technology and scale of production technology, with independent intellectual property rights, in the domestic leading position.In the domestic high pure electronic gas field to finish from the independent research and development to industrialization is historic span, and successfully realized the high pure ammonia to replace imports.